About Us


The goal of Nomad Yoga is to build community through the practice of yoga by uniting individuals in unique spaces throughout Chicago. Consistent with our name, we travel to different locations varying between personal residences, local businesses, and outdoor areas. We believe yoga should be available to everyone, which is why our classes are always 100% donation based.

Our instructors are encouraged to freely express their own interpretation of the practice, giving you an authentic connection to their unique journey. This yoga is meant to be challenging enough for all experience levels but not too rigorous so that it is accessible to everyone. Through this mission, we’ve gathered a community of yogis who are accepting and loving of all.

Our vision is to expand throughout Chicago, connect like-minded individuals, and provide a regular opportunity for people of all backgrounds to experience the beneficial mind, body and spiritual aspects of yoga without a high cost.  We wish to provide universal access to yoga by traveling to underserved communities where residents may not otherwise have easy, affordable access to yoga.